Are you in the market for a new diamond ring? If so, you may be wondering how to buy custom jewelry in Mckinney. It can be tricky to find the perfect stone for your budget, but with this guide, you will be able to do just that!

So whether you are looking for an engagement ring or simply want to add a new diamond shape or piece to your jewelry collection, we have your back!

What to look for when buying a loose diamond

When you’re looking for lab grown diamonds, there are some key things to watch out for. First and foremost is the clarity of your stones- if they have inclusions or imperfections then this will greatly reduce their appeal as most people prefer flawless gems over those with minor flaws.

When buying a loose diamond for the perfect engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind the “Four Cs.” The Four Cs stand for Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Here are more details on each:

  • Carat weight is how a diamond is measured and the size of the diamond.
  • Cut is how well the diamond has been cut and includes the height, depth, angles, and other factors. It affects the diamond’s symmetry, brightness, fire, and how sparkly the diamond appears.
  • Clarity is how many blemishes or inclusions and is judged on a six-point scale from included to flawless.
  • Color is judged on a scale from D (no hue) to Z (a yellow-hued diamond).

Keep these Four Cs in mind when buying loose diamonds online! Work with a qualified jeweler to find the best loose diamonds for you.

There are many things to consider when buying a loose diamond, but the most important factor for you is going 

-to be whether it’s VS Certified. This means that there was an independent third party who spent time analyzing each stone in order to make sure they meet certain standards before putting them on sale at market prices

The different types of settings available for loose diamonds

Prong is the most popular setting because it allows the center diamond to sit higher on the setting and maximizes the diamond’s surface area. Bezel settings are growing in popularity because they protect the diamond from nicks and chips. Flush settings are perfect for those who are concerned about diamond catching on clothing or getting snagged.

Channel settings are perfect for those who want a continuous line of diamond sparkle. Pave settings are popular because they give the illusion of a much larger diamond.

The benefits of buying a loose diamond over a pre-set ring

First and foremost, loose diamonds tend to be cheaper than pre-set diamonds because you are not paying for the ring setting. This helps when you want your own engagement ring or diamond jewelry!

In addition, buying a loose diamond allows you to choose your own ring setting and get exactly the look you want.

Finally, loose-colored diamonds are easier to upgrade than pre-set diamonds. If you decide later that you want a bigger or better quality diamond, you can simply buy a new loose diamond and have it set in your existing ring setting.

If you are interested in buying loose diamond engagement rings, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable jeweler. Make sure to do your research and read reviews before choosing a jeweler.

Once you have found a jeweler you trust, you will need to decide on the following:

  • The shape of the diamond
  • The size of the diamond
  • The quality of the diamond
  • Your budget

Once you have decided on these factors, your jeweler will be able to help you choose the perfect loose diamond for you.

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