An important, but definetely unprecedented, cultural meeting between exponents of various esoteric institutions was held in Milan, on the 12 of July 2022, where the international geopolitical situation was discussed from a philosophical, eschatological and spiritual point of view. The general, diffused sentiment, is that actually western countries politic is invading the spiritual sphere, causing a significant abuse.

Main guests and speakers were: Marco Rigamonti (Most Serene Grand Master of the Priory of Sion Ordre de la Rose Croix Véritas, philosopher, esotericist and writer, Baron Roberto Jonghi Lavarini (intellectual, public figure and Leader of the M.S.E. Movimento Sociale Eurasia) Don Costantino Lebano XVI Marquis of Lustra (Guardian Ancient Traditional Egyptian Rite), the noble Att.y Don Paolotto of the princes Marulli dukes of San Cesario Carniglia (Hereditary Priest of the Goddess Demeter and Guardian of the Eleusinian Mysteries), the Att.y Dr. Luigi Suez (Venerable Grand Master of the Sovereign Augustus Order of the Knights Templar of Our Lady of Sion), the Marquis Piero Malatesti of the Malatesta lords of Rimini (Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite). Promoting this first meeting was the Milanese accountant and international financial operator Mauro Rotunno, president of the cultural circle “Esoteric Tradition”, who defines himself as “clearly a traditionalist, patriotic and evolian”. Among the participants there were also several “masters” from the GOI (Grand Orient of Italy) and from the GLRI (Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, English Blue Freemasonry) but also dignitaries of various religious and chivalrous orders and brotherhoods, as Prince Ezra Foscari Widmann Rezzonico Tomassini Paternò Leopardi of Constantinople, together with intellectuals, artists, and, notes of color, an Islamic Sufi follower of Renè Guenon, as the nuclear engineer Romulus Popescu, president of the national association of Romanians in Italy.

“The absolute majority of international Freemasonry has for years been managed by counter initiates, that is made up by materialists, modernists, progressists, who have lost all positive spiritual value, becoming mere tools of the financial political elite, when not servants of the dark forces of evil. We are something else, a real flame of light: traditionalists, aristocrats, anti-globalist and authentic humanists” declared the organizers in a concluding note.

At the end of the meeting, it took place, a private ceremony with conferment of knightly and nobiliar titles by the Prieuré de Sion, the Constantinian Order of the Heraclian Crown, The Saint Cross of Georgia, The Ordo Draconis and the PHTM Templar Confederation, with the delivery of the certificates and of the official jewels belonging the respective traditional institutions.

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