Author boxes are a little part of your website or blog, where you can define who is responsible for each post. They can reveal things about the content authors, such as their name, photo, and bio. Such author boxes can be utilized to connect individual writers with an existing social media profile. Because of this, readers are more likely to trust your authors since they can see who is creating your material. Nevertheless, at this point, you’re undoubtedly thinking about what the greatest plugin choice would be. This is the reason for writing our Simple Author Boxreview.


Simple Author Box is a plugin worth looking at. This is a must-have plugin if your website welcomes guest posts and guest authors. When working with your guest authors, it’s easy to establish a comprehensive author box that makes them feel at home. The main advantage of Simple Author Box is the ability to incorporate the previously stated author boxes into your content. With only a few clicks, you can build them on your website, and you can modify them to meet your own requirements. All the fonts and colors can be customized, and media platforms hyperlinks may be attached to those posts.

For those who want to customize their posts, Simple Author Box Pro offers a variety of color combinations. Aside from these features, you can also pick rotation and shadows effects, as well as the author box borders, colors, and author avatar. To thank everyone who helped, just include a list of guest authors, and you’re done.

Insert a “top authors” widget to display a list of the most popular authors according to users’ feedback. Surprisingly, the “top authors” widget may bring more attention from visitors. It is possible that people will check out those authors and look for more information on your website. This way, you will be able to improve the SEO strategies of your website, which is an important element to prioritize if you really want to increase visibility on search engines. Also, all screen sizes, including desktop and mobile, are supported by Simple Author Box.


It’s a safe bet to say that Simple Author Box won’t let you down. As a great addition to your article’s conclusion, author boxes will increase traffic and make it much easier for authors to collaborate. The fact that you’ve mentioned everyone you have worked with in the past will make other authors more eager to work with you. The respect and attention you gain from your viewers will also increase because of this approach.

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