Top real estate agents across the United States are seeing that some of the trends that affected the housing market in 2020 seem to be holding on. Many of them are actually fostering a more active, healthy lifestyle, which is great to see and means that anyone interested in selling a home with the following features has a good opportunity to find a market among health-conscious buyers.

Outdoor Living Is Booming

Spending time outdoors, be it in a swimming pool or while cooking healthy meals on the grill, is known to boost mood and bring families closer together. As luck would have it, having a great outdoor space in your home is also a really popular option for buyers right now. If you have installed a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or patio to promote time outside, you stand to see big changes in demand for these features since the COVID 19 pandemic began. Here are just a few of the ways that these items have changed in terms of the premium they give a seller:

  • Outdoor kitchens used to boost a home’s value $6,156, but the average boost to sales price for having an outdoor kitchen now is more like $9,751.
  • A deck used to add a premium of $4,252 to a home, but now you can expect an average boost of $7,014.
  • While in-ground hot tubs used to bring about $4,052 in additional sales price, more buyers are interested now, to the point where in-ground hot tubs are fetching $6,925 more in the market.

Whether you’re soaking sore muscles after a long run or grilling up a batch of vegetable kebabs in the outdoor kitchen, it’s nice to know that the popularity of these features is on the rise around the country. If you’ve added these features, after you finish using them and are moving on by selling your home, you may see a bump in house price compared to other homes in the area that don’t have those features. 

Hybrid Schedule Allows Room for Workouts and Cooking at Home

Many home buyers are choosing a spacious option because they are continuing to work from home or are adopting a hybrid schedule. With hybrid scheduling, teams come together as needed in the office but mostly work from home. These schedules really create a work-life balance for workers who used to have to spend many minutes on the road commuting every week.

How are people using this great additional time? Many are choosing to go for a long walk in the morning instead of commuting, cooking lunch rather than eating out, or spending time playing with kids in the backyard right after their shift ends. As you can see, these features are a true win for office workers who had previously committed to long commutes that left them closest to takeout or restaurant lunch options. Between family togetherness, the healthiness of home-cooked meals, and more activity, the post-vaccine world really stands to be much healthier and happier.

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