Introduction:   Cricket is always rage in India. But, something is also catching up with it. Fantasy Cricket! 

Cricket fans now have the best of both worlds. They can watch the matches live and simultaneously engage in playing these fantasy games. The success has loads of prize money waiting for them provided they have got their predictions right. 

In layman’s terms, fantasy cricket involves downloading a specific app and choosing a virtual team using specific techniques. The virtual team in case it is the IPL can be downloaded through IPL fantasy league app apk This would, of course, have real players, and they would play against the opponents (which is also a team built on the same lines). 

The players score points with higher points in the actual match being played. The winner is decided on the total number of points the team scores. 

To achieve this, one has to know every technique and tip to play fantasy cricket play online. 

Here are such tips:

1. Selection and Toss: 

As discussed, the virtual team has to be chosen by you. If it is for the IPL then you have to download the IPL fantasy league app apk.

For that purpose, you need to select players who would constitute the playing XI. If you select a player and are unaware of the news that he has sustained some injury, you will not have XI players but ten only. This would cost you as it becomes ten vs. eleven. 

To avoid this situation, be aware of the latest news and choose the eleventh player. 

2. Be aware of the player’s strengths and the current form: 

The virtual gamer must strike the perfect balance between its condition and potential. One should know the difference between both before entering the fantasy cricket play online.

A player may have performed in the past one or two matches, which anyone may interpret that he is in ‘ form.’ There might be this other player whose performance might be mediocre in the same game, but he has proven his potential in the past.

 The player with potential is capable of powerful performances, whatever the conditions may be. Whereas the player in form could have performed well since the pitch or conditions suited him very well. He can fail in the next one as the pitch and conditions differ. Therefore, it’s best to study the circumstances under which they perform and include them only if necessary.

3. Pitch Report from experts. 

Everybody is aware that a player’s performance depends on the pitch. History would tell you whether the pitch is a low or high-scoring one. It would be best to determine how many batsmen or bowlers should be packed into the eleven with that information alone. 

A flat pitch would mean runs galore, so it’s best to load batsmen. A slow pitch could be a Turner, and it’s appropriate to pick spin bowlers. Likewise, a pitch with grass would aid fast bowlers.

4. Weather Forecast: 

Weather information is available easily. Partial rain may allow for an entire match, and you can stick to your original plans. 

If rains shorten the match or call for the DL method, it’s best to select a top-order batter who can play a cameo. In case the condition stays overcast, pace bowlers can reap success as the swing would be more. 

5. Choice of leaders:

It is essential to choose the captain and vice-captain correctly. The reason is that captains double their points and vice-captain one and half times. There are no trustworthy tips available on who could be the captain and vice-captain, but it could generally be the best all-rounders or the same two who have performed well in the previous outings.

6. Top-order batsman: 

The choice of a top-order batsman will determine your success almost immediately. With the top order shining, tall scores are more definite. 

7. Bowlers who are penetrative: 

There are two types of bowlers. One would be economical, and the other may leak runs but take wickets. It’s best to go for the bowler who takes wickets because that causes the real dent in the team batting and brings down the total score. 

If wickets are there in plenty, especially in T20 or ODI, the batting team will make amends at the end. 

8. The Perfect Balance: 

Choose the team with the perfect balance between batsmen and bowlers. 

Ideally, a team should have 

• Specialist Batsman – 4

• Specialist  Bowler,- 4  

• All- Rounder’s -2

Given the pitch and weather conditions, you can make certain clever adjustments to the team.

9. Smart and clever investment: 

Eleven players are allotted a total of 100 points. Allot players who are capable of performing, and you can earn higher points.

10. Bonus points may help you:

You should be aware that when certain players take a catch or scores a boundary, you will get additional points. Although these are minimum points, they could have an impact on a close result. 

11. The step by step approach: 

In case you are a beginner, it is best to start with low-fee contests. Over time you are bound to enhance your skills, and winning becomes more confident. 

It is at that point you should enter the big- league and win high cash prizes. 

12. Creation of multiple teams: 

It would not be wise to form one virtual team only and bank on its success. Create multiple teams and increase your chances of winning. 

13. Wait for team announcements: 

Patience is a virtue. Wait for the team to be announced, and then choose your XI. If you try to select the team beforehand, you could end up with lesser players. 

14. Take a Risk: 

There might be a potential player who has not performed over three matches or so. Take the same risk the actual team has taken as such, for this player could blossom in the match and earn you high points.

15. Get futuristic in approach.

Do concentrate on the upcoming matches, too, and choose extra players who would substitute others as the tournament goes on. This would save you effort by introducing a substitute for every match.


Fantasy games are not sheer luck. They are played with a lot of planning and skill. The feeling of getting involved off the field and the fact that you are sole in charge of the proceedings is too exciting. Tips when properly utilised can lead to success only.

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