Recruitment software is used by recruitment firms across the world to upgrade the way they work and deliver results. It is central to a productive staffing agency. Here is a simple but essential guide to recruitment CRM and its utility in every day work.

What is recruitment software?

It is a recruiting tool designed to help recruiters, and anyone in the employment industry, be the most productive. It helps manage and improve the recruitment process. It provides a platform that enables recruiters to streamline their workflow, manage candidates, and host a dynamic recruiting desk.

What is the best recruitment software?

It is more important to find a suitable recruitment CRM. This is because there isn’t one particular best recruitment agency software. All the good recruiting software solutions have some features in common.

1.         Automation

2.         Candidate screening

3.         Compliance checks

4.         Software integrations

5.         Easy reports

Recruitment is now highly data-driven. Therefore, it is crucial to work with recruitment software to manage every facet of the recruiting process. All these important features are designed to drive productivity and quality hires. These lead to growth in candidate placements and business revenue.

Recruitment CRM software pushes recruiters to focus on every stage of their work. Candidate sourcing becomes less hectic. The paperwork is drastically reduced because of the automation features. That time can be diverted to better candidate management. Recruitment is a competitive industry. It is not enough to find top talent. The challenge also lies in ensuring that all the candidates remain engaged throughout the hiring process. It is not difficult for the best candidates to slip through the network.

Thus, communication holds tremendous significance. Continuous, quick and clear interaction is compulsory. Recruitment software ensures that regular and speedy communication is possible between candidates and recruiters.

How to buy recruitment CRM

1.  Understanding the type of recruitment agency

Different businesses have needs unique to their operating style, their mission and goals. The recruitment industry covers a broad spectrum of hiring and placing skilled candidates in various job roles. But it is important to be able to discern the different types of recruiting. There are recruitment firms that place candidates in temporary jobs roles, there are contract-based recruitment agencies, and there are executive search firms that focus on top-level executives. All of these are different styles of recruiting.

Buying for a temporary recruitment agency is distinct from buying executive search software. Recruiters must be meticulous in their search for an appropriate recruiting tool that meets all their business needs.

2.  Features and functionality

But it is not just the type of software and the features that recruiters must identify. Functionality is another aspect of recruitment software that buyers tend to overlook.

Software features are tools that help users perform tasks. Software functionality is about how those features work when performing the activities. So, if a software offers the compliance check feature then it is intended to help recruiters execute these mandatory legal checks quickly. And if the user repeatedly finds it difficult to use this feature then it can be said that the software functionality is not great.

Why is it important to assess functionality? Well, recruiters are busy people. If the software is too complicated to navigate then there’s a high probability that it might be relegated to gather dust. It is a waste of resources. It also means the recruiters might end up following the same old recruiting practices which can decrease their efficiency.

3. Booking demos

Buying recruitment software is not complete without product demonstrations. Once a few CRM software solutions have been shortlisted, it is necessary to book live demos to get a comprehensive understanding of what each software can do. The demos are usually conducted online. This is the perfect time to gather at least a couple of colleagues to sit through the demo.

No question is too complicated or stupid. Watching the salesperson go through each feature is helpful. Recruiters can consider how the software can elevate their workflow and fulfil their needs. Sometimes even their hardest challenges can easily be resolved when using the software. And conversely, a standard thing might suddenly be flagged as a complicated issue.  Therefore, it is necessary to book live demos and have all the doubts cleared.

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