Winter comes with afair share of problems. People retreat to their warm homes with fully stocked food. This inevitably tends to attract pests as they seek a hospitable environment. Pests cause damages and inconveniences that are costly in the long term.

Winter Pest Invasions:

Pest will gain entry to your home during winter through the tiniest of spaces. You need to take measures to ensure the likelihood of an infestation is limited.

There are several things you can do to ensure that pest invasion is minimized;

Clean your house

This is the most basic step is to ensure that you live in a clean environment. Food crumbs will undoubtedly invite pests. Ensure that your surfaces are well wiped, seal off all containers. Store all unused utensils in cupboards where the pests cannot access them.

Ensure that you do not have a pile of clutter as this prevents the pest from hiding.

Seal all entry holes

It is virtually impossible to get a completely airtight home. You must identify entry points for pests and ensure they are properly sealed. Just do a random check and ensure that everything is in place.

  • Ensure that all windows and doors are waterproofed; seal the cracks around the edges.
  • Check to see if a light is leaking, and any visible sign of an open gap properly sealed.

Solidify your defense against pests

It is very difficult to completely seal your house and some pests may still get in. however, all is not lost as you can still fight off the pests using other methods.

  • Buy pesticides and spray around the house. Target the entry points such as doors and windows. Ensure that the pesticide is well labeled for use as either indoor or outdoor. This will prevent the use of a dangerous outdoor chemical in your home. For satisfactory results spray both outdoors and indoors.
  • Pests tend to hang around sensitive areas like sinks and bathrooms. Ensure that the product you use is specifically labeled for use in these areas.
  • Keep your floors clean, counters wiped, and ensure proper storage of food. This will help reduce the attraction of these pests.

Stop bad habits that invite pests

The cooling temperatures during winter are not the only factor that drives pests to your home. Daily activities are also a huge contributing factor. To keep pests away you need to change the following bad habits:

  • Avoid storing firewood next to your house. Wood-boring pests will invade your home. Store the firewood at least three feet away and use only what you need. The distance will prevent the pest from crawling into your home.
  • Ensure to regularly empty all recycle bins around your home. Food remnants will attract pests as they seek out food. These pests will make their way into your home given the slightest chance leaving a scent trail for other pests to follow.
  • Avoid clutter and huge piles of old papers. These piles provide the ideal hiding grounds for pests. A well-organized cleanroom will mean a pest-free house.

Other than the above you can employ other methods to ensure that your home is well-secured and pest-free. Here are some bonus tips on how to handle the situation.

  • Trim tree branches near your house to limit the access of your house by rodents.
  • Check the roofline and replace the rotted wood.
  • Accumulation of snow could be problematic, use a rake to dissipate the ice dams.
  • Check for loose motor and repair where needed. Weather-stripping on the windows and doors that are worn out should also be replaced. 
  • Lastly, hire a professional to examine your property for signs of infestation. Professionals know what they are doing and they will offer the best and most effective solutions.

Visible signs will suggest an ongoing infestation be on the constant lookout. Many homeowners fail to recognize that they have been invaded until it is too late and the damage to their property is done. You should seek professional services if you suspect pest activity in your home.

They will advise you on how to ensure constant protection of your home and will pinpoint exactly where the issue is and handle it. 

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