Programming Languages! A decade back, there were only a few people with coding skills. . Today, many IT jobs need a good understanding of the top languages of coding. You may wonder what kind to practice if you really are trying to progress in your career or switch professions fully and have to learn a coding language. It will require time and cash to fully grasp the language, and besides, you will also want to make the right decision.

When finalizing your choice, multiple variables come into the equation, such as the level of complexity you are able to learn, the experience you already have that aligns with your current coding skills, or the motivations to learn a top programming language.

You have to learn the popular coding language, whether you’d like to mobile app, receive certification for programming skills, or acquire new aptitudes. You must learn at least 2-3 programming languages. Below we have listed the top 5 coding languages for you which are going to be in demand by many employers in 2021. You will discover the complexity of each coding language and the way it is used.

Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2021


Python is among the most popular and widely used coding languages and, because of its ease of understanding, is convenient for newbies to grasp. With amazing support configurations and development of community, seamless implementation with web applications, GUI-based desktop apps, and user-friendly data systems, it is in our top list. More than that it is also free and open-source. For deep learning and machine learning apps, it is a common coding language.

Python is being used to build packages such as Inkscape, Blender, and Autodesk for image acquisition and 3d objects. It is also being used to develop famous video games, such as Vegas Trike, Civilization IV, and Toontown, to name a few. Many popular websites and social media networks are also built in Python including but not limited to Quora, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for science and analytical applications such as Abacus and FreeCAD. Average annual wages of around $72K are earned by Python developers.


Java is another one on our list. It is also one of the top coding languages in IT sector. It is a general-purpose coding language with an OOP (object-oriented programming) structure, owned by Oracle Corporation. OOP has now become a standard for applications which can be utilized due to its WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) capacity despite of the platform, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc..

As a consequence, Java is now used widely from mainframe data centers to phones because of its high portability. There are above 3 billion or even more devices that are operating Java-built applications today.

Java is quite popular in both; web and application development as well as big data. oJava is also used in the infrastructure of many famous websites such as Amazon, Gogle, YouTube, and Twitter. This is also used widely in thousands of apps. Also, very common are new Java frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, and Spring.

There are thousands of opportunities to grasp Java, and plenty of Java developers globally. Java developers have a large community online and help one another to resolve issues. Java is a much more complex language in the world, but there is a strong demand for skilled developers having Java coding skills. Annually, the typical Java developer receives about $79K USD.


Kotlin is a coding language for general purposes that was initially designed and introduced by JetBrains in 2011 as Project Kotlin. In 2016, the first edition was formally released. It is Java-interoperable and promotes programming languages that are usable. Kotlin is commonly used for the development of Android apps, mobile applications, desktop applications, and server-side applications.

In order to perform good than Java, Kotlin was created, and people who are using this language are persuaded. Almost all of the applications for Google are built on Kotlin. PostMates, Pinterest, among many others, are several businesses using Kotlin as the coding language.

The average pay scale of Kotlin developers ranges from $136K USD to $171K USD.


Microsoft-developed C# gained fame in the early 2000 for embracing object-oriented programming principles. It is among the most popular languages for the .NET application programming. C# developer, Anders Hejlsberg, claims the coding language is much more like C++ than Java. It is better suited for Android, iOS, and Windows applications as it takes advantage of MS Visual C++, the development plan framework product. Several famous websites, such as Dell, Bing, and Visual Studio, use C# mostly on back end. Developers receive about $68,500 annually from C#.

5. Swift

A few years earlier, in the TIOBE Index ranking of widely used programming languages every month, Swift got into the top 10. For Mac and Linux applications, Apple created Swift in 2014. Simple to grasp open-source coding language, Swift follows nearly it all from the Objective-C coding language.

Compared to other coding languages, Swift needs less coding skills, which can be used with the IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox. In common iOS applications such as Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, SoundCloud or even in the popular game Flappy Bird, Swift has been used. Estimated yearly earnings of about $96,000 are brought home by professionals who create iOS applications.

Even though there are dozens of coding languages, we have listed only the top 5 languages that you must know, and the 5 mentioned above in our blog are the ultimate best ones in our opinion. 

Acquiring skills in any of these languages is an outstanding place to start your transition if you would like to launch a career as a programmer, take a lateral step into another sector, or progress the hierarchy at your present job. When you have decided it is time to learn a new language, we will recommend that you participate online in coding bootcamp programs or receive acceptable certifications.

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