The Do’s And Don’ts Of Embroidery With Sportswear A sports team uniform is the clear representation of the uniformity a team has and it carries a strong bond amongst them.

While you are looking to design such t-shirts, the biggest plus point to capitalize on here is the customizing options it provides.

You have full liberty to produce a t-shirt that can similar to something extraordinary such as LSU tigers embroidery design and also maintain the codes and ethics of the team. Although printing a t-shirt is the most preferred option the same preference goes well with the embroidered t-shirts as well.

Also, the embroidered designs on the t-shirt are more durable since the thread that has been weaved into the t-shirts won’t let the design or logos lose its color or authenticity over the period.

If you are also planning to put an embroidered design on the t-shirt for your sports team then this guide of do’s and dont’s will clear the path a lot and allow you to make a clear decision.


1. Keeping the design simple:

The basic need for the embroidered design is that you have to keep the design simple and never complicate it so much for the designing. A complicated design will make the process difficult for the designer while putting the embroidered design on the t-shirt.

The carving will get even more difficult since the thread used is pretty thick and it will be unable to put in small details with clarity.

2. Go right with the fabric:

To put embroidery design for sports t-shirts, you have to choose the right fabric only that is suitable for it. Some of the favorable ones are outerwear, denim, and knits whereas cotton and performance fabric isn’t the right choice during embroidery.

You will have to be very clear and clever while choosing the right fabric since this fabric will go be the team’s outfit and represents the quality you have chosen to invest in. going wrong with the selection will not only drastically go wrong and the first wash will make things even worse.

3. Placement of the embroidery:

Another very important factor to keep in mind while designing the t-shirts with embroidered art. You are not only investing in its durability and looks but also looking forward to gaining perfection as well.

You want your team to stand out from the crowd and look unique. That is why the placement of the embroidery design should be perfect. For example, putting the logo on the left chest would be a smart decision instead of putting a big logo in the middle.

4. Usage of the needle:

When you have just decided on the embroidery on the t-shirt, make sure the details are there no matter the kind of work you are looking for. The most important thing here is to choose the right kind of needle for MLB logo embroidery designs.

A small needle won’t get the job done and the large one will just pierce big holes.

This will further damage the accuracy of the embroidered designs once they are pulled and stretched during the game. And this is the last thing you want with your design to look like a mess.


1. Keeping the designs small:

When you are designing the t-shirt of your sports team, make sure that the chosen design isn’t too small.

The reason is that with a small design on the t-shirt is that it goes well with the casual wears but it isn’t good for the t-shirts of a sports team. So always go with a comparatively bigger design. The large embroidered designs not only look good but these are well spotted from far away as well.

2. Afraid to experiment:

Without trying something new with the embroidered design, you don’t stand a chance to stand out and look different.

There is a lot of color and contrast available where you can try different combinations and finalize on the one that suits the best for your sports team’s wearables. These t-shirts represent the sports and the team, but you have to keep them as expressive as you can.

3. Wrong font usage:

With the design going well now, it is time to write some text as well that includes the name of the team and player.

This is an embroidery method that is pretty different from printing and here just like the design, you have to be perfect with the selection of the best font as well that suits the design.

4. Putting in every small detail:

Putting in each small detail of the design isn’t a wise decision. Too much detailing would make the design look unclear and crowded. Keep the design to look simple and readable from a distance without extra effort.

If you bring extra details it will make the readability tough and hence people would prefer to ignore it instead of showing interest.

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