6 Best Ideas To Make Your Home Elderly-Friend With the growing age, our ability to handle ourselves starts reducing. Therefore, older adults need an elderly-friendly house so that they can spend their lives comfortably. It is important to do few tweaks to the furniture structure and layout.

Also, it is equally important to bring some sensible changes to the home architectural design.  For instance, it is important to install the latest technology cooling devices such as air conditioning Sydney at home to maintain the optimum temperature inside the home for older adults. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and trick that will help you to make your home elder-friendly:

1. Rearrange Furniture

You should rearrange the furniture in every room of your house so that there should be enough space for older-adults to move freely. It will make sure that seniors in your house will not bump into the furniture.

You should maintain clean and clutter-free areas to ensure seniors can walk without any hurdle. You should arrange your large size bed and L-shaped sofa in such a way that they do not come into the path of seniors.

2. Choose For Low-Height Furniture

You should choose low height bed for the older-adults. It is so because they might not be able to sit and stand on high-height beds independently. For elder people, low-height beds are very important.

A similar rule is applicable for the dining table, chairs, etc. In simple terms, you should pay attention to the height of the furniture. While choosing the furniture, it is important to ensure that you choose low-height furniture items. 

3. Install Grab Bars In Bathrooms

Usually, the bathroom floors are slippery. Therefore, it is a dangerous place for senior citizens. According to the survey, the numbers of accidents in bathrooms are increases. Older adults (aged above 65) should be very careful while using the bathroom.

One of the best ways to reduce the number of falling accidents of older adults in the bathroom is to install grab bars. The gran bars offer additional support to the elder people while sitting or standing up.

In addition, to grab bars, there is one more thing that can help in reducing the number of falling accidents in the bathroom i.e. bench in the shower area. Older adults can sit down on this bench and comfortably take the shower.

Slippery soap and the wet floor is a bad combination and it is one of the major causes for rising-falling accidents in the bathroom.  Installing a bench in the shower area is one of the good ideas.

4. Slip Resistant Floors

The wet area in the bathroom can lead to slipping accidents. Therefore, the wet area in the bathroom can be described as a high-risk zone for elderly people. Thus, it is recommended to install an anti-slip floor in your bathroom such as a pebble-tiled floor. If you are on a tight budget and not able to change the floor then you should god anti-slip rubber mats.

5. Secure Landing spaces

Climbing and moving down through stairways is just like climbing Mount Everest for elderly people. You should install balustrades or handrails to provide additional support to elderly people. You can also create resting spots on the stairways so that the older adults can sit for some time to catch their breath.

6. Optimum Indoor Temperature

With the growing age, the ability of people to handle extreme cold and extremely hot weather decreases. Thus, it is quite important to maintain the ideal temperature inside the home.

One of the best ways to do it is considering ducted air conditioning installation Sydney. This latest technology AC can maintain ideal room temperature inside your house. Also, it helps in maintaining an optimum humidity level.

7. Adequate Lighting System

Another important thing that you need to consider for making your home elderly-friendly is the proper lighting system. You should install a good lighting fixture in all the rooms of the house to make sure every nook and corner is properly lit-up.

It will also help in reducing the probability of injuries and falling accidents. During the daytime, allow the natural sunlight to illuminate your house. During the evening time, you should turn on all lamps for proper illumination.

Place one lamp beside the bed of elder people so that they can easily turn it on whenever it is required. Sometimes older adults want to engage in meal preparations. Therefore, it is also important to properly light-up the kitchen area. 

8. Create Lounging Spaces

Usually, older people want to spend most of their time comfortably lounging. Therefore, it is necessary to create different lounging spaces in your house such as a balcony, front yard, backyard, patio, etc. Arrange seating furniture in the lounging space so that the older adults can have their snacks or cup of coffee while relaxing.

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