Being in lock down has put a huge stress on so many people in so many ways. One of the biggest impacts it has had is that people have gotten out of touch with their daily fitness activities.

Sitting at home all day long and leaving only to get groceries and other essential items has led to a lot of people putting on extra weight. Even though there was a bit of relaxation from the stress of the pandemic for a few days, the problem seems to be fit coming back as the winter emerges.

In all those times of stress one needs to be able to blow some steam and burn some calories without having fit to risk getting the coronavirus. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions for that problem and we are going to provide you with the most comprehensive and precise one today.

While you gear up to start burning your calories once again, do not forget about the gear itself. The better the active fit wear you use, the better the results you will see. We find American Eagle fit to be one of the brands that has just the right collection to get you back on track.

You can also buy their active wear for reasonable prices simply by using an American Eagle discount code.

Types of Activities                                             

Depending on who you are and what your living circumstances are, you can choose between any of the activities fit mentioned here. All of them are doable during the quarantine and can easily be done by yourself without needing a proper gym.

Aerobics: As simple as it sounds, aerobic activity would typically involve sessions that can last up to three hours at a fit time. If you can do 2.5 hours of aerobic activity every day, you should be able to maintain optimum body function without any problem.

Thankfully, most aerobic activities are both allowed and doable during the pandemic. These include things like walking, running, cycling, kickboxing, dancing, field sports, and fit other activities that require long term movement of muscles.

Using proper apparel for aerobics fit can make a huge difference and you can use an American Eagle discount code to grab yours for a great price.

Weight Training: If you have any weight lying around in your house then you can do a lot of weight training with them as well. In fact, with a single bench, you can do more exercises than you could possibly need for almost all muscle groups.

Create a plan that you would follow for weight training and make sure that you stick with it. Also use proper gym apparel from a good store like American Eagle where you can also get great prices by using an American Eagle discount code.

Hiking: While this could be covered under aerobics, we mentioned it separately because it is a lovely activity to have access to. If you live near a hill, it is your luck because you can walk up to the top of it and enjoy beautiful views first thing in the morning.

The refreshing feeling that that will give you is incomparable to every other activity. Be sure to take all your hiking gear with you which you can find easily at the American Eagle store. You can also enjoy amazing prices using an American Eagle discount code during checkout.

Introduce Activity to Work

One thing that a lot of people have in common nowadays is that they are all working from home. Creating an active routine even when you are working from home may prove difficult but there are ways to counteract the potential negative impact of that.

One of the biggest concerns that one may feel is becoming overweight from the lack of activity. The easiest step you can take for that is simply switch between your chair and your feet every half an hour. Sitting in the same position for too long can lead to some serious damage and you want to avoid that at all cost.

Similarly, you should also make sure to take a break every now and then so you can relax yourself. The routine at home can be quite monotonous after a while and to avoid doing unnecessary mistakes at work, you should take a break every 20-25 minutes.

Standing while working is also a great way to stay active because our bodies are simply unable to stay still for too long and we keep on moving in our spot.

Meetings on the go

If you are someone who does not need to sit during meetings and stare at a screen, you can easily utilize that time to walk around, be it in the house or outside.

Thanks to technologies like Bluetooth, you can stay connected and talk to your colleagues while you go for a short walk around the house or outside. Alternatively, you could also get a treadmill setup at home or maybe invest in a stationary bike for doing a little cycling at home.

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