How to Buy RYO Cigarette Tubes

If you roll your own cigarettes (RYO), then you’re going to need some great filtered cigarette tubes. Cigarette tubes come in an array of styles, sizes, and flavors. So how can you find the best tubes for your needs? Well, that’s exactly what this guide is here to help you figure out. 

About Filtered Cigarette Tubes

Filtered cigarette tubes are made with hollow paper tubing and used for RYO (roll-your-own) cigarettes. These tubes allow you to create your own cigarettes with automatic rolling machines at home. With cotton filters on the ends, they’re very easy to use, smoke, and stuff. 

When you use filtered tubes, your hand-made cigarettes look and smoke just like factory-made ones. The main difference between RYO cigarettes and those made in factories has to do with quality. Hand made cigarettes are almost always of much higher quality than factory-made smokes!

Not only will you be able to fill your RYO cigarettes with better tobacco, but filtered cigarette tubes are often of better quality than the papers used in big tobacco factories. Furthermore, these tubes come in an array of sizes, flavors, and styles. All you have to do is stuff them full of your favorite tobacco! It’s really that easy. 

How to Use Cigarette Tubes

In truth, you’ll probably be surprised when you see how easy filtered cigarette tubes are to use. In most cases, you’ll simply fill a filtered cigarette tube using an automatic RYO machine. To do this, you slide your paper tubing on to the spout of your rolling machine. Next, you’ll add in your tobacco and press the fill button. 

You can fill most cigarette tubes to your preferred density. Since they’re of higher quality than factory cigarette papers, they can be packed tighter. Or, if you like a loosely packed cigarette, stuff them lightly for faster smoke breaks. After you’re done filling your tubes, you simply smoke like you always would. 

Tubes Come in Different Sizes

Filtered cigarette tubes usually come in King or 100 sizes. King-sized tubes are your standard regular cigarette size. Alternatively, 100s are a bit longer. To select the proper size, simply choose what you like most. 

When deciding on the right cigarette tubing size, it’s a good idea to find a hard case that will accommodate the cigarettes you make. There are hard plastic packs, old fashioned cigarette cases, or cardboard variants available. Simply choose what works for you!

There Are Many Cigarette Tube Brands and Flavors

Cigarette tubes can be light, menthol, regular, or flavored with premium essences that enhance their paper flavors. The most flavorful cigarette tubes are likely from the 1839 brand. Bugler and Top both make great cigarette tubes as well. 

If you like light cigarette papers, Zen Cigarette Tubes are great. They’re made with premium Asian paper. Or, RAW tubes are impressive if you want minimal ash. Other impressive cigarette tubing brands are Wildhorse, Golden Harvest, and 4 Aces. 

Cigarette Tubes are Often Sold In Bulk 

Cigarette tubes come in large cartons that usually contain between 100-300 tubes and cost less than $10! You can get them for less than $5 a box if you know where to shop. Some online retailers even sell 200 tube boxes for less than $2. 

Where to Buy Cigarette Tubes 

Now that you know all about these filtered tubes, it’ll be a lot easier to roll your own cigarettes! The best way to find your favorite brands and flavors is to try out a few different filtered cigarette tubes for yourself. Luckily, these tubes are sold in bulk online, so you can easily try them all. You just have to know where to look!

To see all of the cigarette tubes mentioned here and many more, simply click on this link. From there, you’ll be redirected to a reputable online retailer of roll-your-own cigarette accessories! Buying your RYO accessories online is the best way to access an amazing selection of products at unparalleled prices. 

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